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Thom Heyer is a New York City based visual artist who works primarily in collage and also in oil & acrylic paint.  His collage work is often autobiographical, paying homage to religion and mythological archetypes through pop culture influences.  His paintings are influenced by portraiture and the Maine Coastal Region.  Thom is also an illustrator. His lively and color-saturated illustrations can be seen in his children's picture books Peppermint Babies and Hush, Hush, Hush-a-Bye.   Thom's work has been represented in New York at Nexus Gallery, Viridian Gallery and the National Academy of Design.  Regionally his work has been represented in Miami, Dallas, Maine, Lexington Kentucky and Milan Italy.  He has done interdisciplinary collaborations with UNC-Charlotte, The Lexington Ballet and EnVage, a music collective directed by the Colombian conductor Cesar Leal.  Thom holds a BCA in Visual Arts from UNC-Charlotte and an MFA in Theatrical Design from Southern Methodist University. 

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